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AST Launches Iridium OpenPort Service Management, Monitoring & Control Solution

AST has extended its suite of Value Added Services, AST Live!™, to incorporate Iridium OpenPort.  AST is now one of a very small number of Iridium Service Providers that can offer a service allowing complete Management, Monitoring and Control of Iridium OpenPort traffic.

“Customers demand the ability to protect themselves, to optimise airtime spend and to configure their usage profile specifically to their own requirements. The AST Live!™ suite of Value Added Services does just that”, commented Mark Sykes, AST’s Head of Airtime Development.

The addition of this extensive capability completes the Iridium OpenPort Service offering from AST, enhancing its market position significantly by making it an ideal solution for all types of vessel communication.

The AST Live!™ suite of services includes:

  • Optimised Internet Routing - using multiple Tier 1 providers
  • Advanced Firewalling – inbound/outbound/IP address/port rules with pre-configured templates and full customization
  • Traffic monitoring, control, alerts and usage reporting
  • Intrusion Prevention – deep inspection of all IP traffic for malware, vulnerabilities and viruses
  • Web Filtering, Security and Optimization – category blocking, web traffic management and optimisation and high bandwidth content filtering/blocking            
  • Traffic Optimisation - including compression and filtering - major update sites filtered/blocked
  • Public dynamic and static IP addressing 
  •  Free optimised email service with every SIM - onsatmail

For further information on AST Live!™ or any services provided by AST please visit contact us on

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