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AST Sponsor Charley Boorman for By Any Means

Applied Satellite Technology Ltd are proud to have supported Charley Boorman on his latest adventure ‘By Any Means’.

Applied Satellite Technology supplied the team with an Iridium 9505A satellite handset and a BGAN Explorer 500 which they had previously used when AST supported Charley and Ewan McGregor on Long Way Down and Long Way Round where they used the equipment to send videos and photos to their website and to stay in touch with friends and family back home.

Charley along with Russ Malkin (producer) and Mungo (cameraman) started their expedition from Wicklow, Ireland on 12th April 2008. Along their journey they passed through Serbia on train, to Dubai by catamaran, across Delhi in a tuk tuk, rode Elephants to Kathmandu, took a helicopter over the Himalayas, wake boarded across the bay from Malaysia to Singapore before travelling across Australia and arriving in SydneyHarbour on a BMW motorcycle as used in Long Way Round. The total journey took them through 25 countries using a total of 112 modes of transport and lasted 102 days.

Charley Boorman, who thought of the idea for By Any Means with Russ Malkin commented. “AST have always helped out on our projects with the provision of satellite communication equipment which is so vital when you’re travelling huge distances, across remote areas. We use the sat phones to communicate with our loved ones and the office back in London when we’re out of mobile phone range and the BGAN is vital for us to send footage and images back for use on our website.”

By Any Means was produced by Big Earth which is owned by event and film producer Russ Malkin who also organised Long Way Round, Race to Dakar and Long Way Down.

The By Any Means team filmed their expedition which formed a six part documentary series shown on BBC2 from 7th September and will air globally on the National Geographic Channel in early 2009. A By Any Means book and DVD have also been released.

For more information, visit the By Any Means website

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