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Iridium SMS Balance Check Alert

AST are pleased to advise that Iridium now offers SMS balance check, providing the ability for customers using prepaid e-vouchers to send a balance enquiry via an SMS to 2888 in order to receive their current status for no charge. This feature has been created in response to customers who have asked for a visual way to see their number of minutes and days remaining before their e-vouchers expire as an alternative to the current voice-based balance check system. The voice-based system will continue to be available and both will be offered at no additional charge to allow customers to check their prepaid e-voucher balance.

To use this new feature, follow these instructions:
1. Compose a blank SMS and send to 2888 (+2888 or 002888 will also work)
2. An SMS response will be sent back to the device from the Iridium system
3. The message will contain the number of remaining ISU-PSTN minutes in the account, the number of days until the account expires, and the date and time (GMT) of expiration in English.

The SMS prepaid balance calculation is based on ISU-PSTN minutes and will be accurate for the vast majority of subscribers, but not all. For subscribers who place a large amount of ISU-other satellite calls, the announced minutes will be higher than actual. For subscribers who place a large number of ISU-ISU calls, the SMS number will be lower than actual.

The capability works for customers using prepaid e-vouchers and 9555 or 9505A satellite phones, it is available effective immediately.

If you have any questions or have issues, please contact AST Customer Service on:
tel: +44 (0) 1493 441 485
skype: AST Customer Services
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