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LAST TIME BUY | Mini-C and Replacement Series

As you are most likely already aware Thrane & Thrane have now released the next generation mini-C; the SAILOR 6110 mini-C GMDSS.

With shipments of this terminal now well under way, Thrane are now finalising development of the other mini-C variants which will replace the existing SAILOR TT-3026/3000 mini-C series. This means therefore that these current models will be discontinued, and only be available for a limited time alongside the new SAILOR 6110 Mini-C series, as long as stock allows. All existing Mini-C types will be serviced and supported as long as stock and components allow. If this is not possible within the six year EOL period concerning SSA or LRIT systems, an alternate replacement arrangement to the type SAILOR 3027 Mini-C generation will be made. Service and repair will be available in accordance with normal warranty and service conditions. After warranty expires the new mini-C platform will be part of the service solution for the SAILOR TT-3026 mini-C. Full SAILOR TT-3026C replacement terminals will be available in accordance with the general support and spare parts commitment.

With this we also see the introduction of the new Thrane & Thrane Customer Protection Plan which adds a new layer of product assurance. In case of terminal breakdown it is now possible to get a new terminal at discounted price for up to 4 years after the normal 2 year factory warranty has expired. This naturally comes with full warranty, and ensures minimal downtime at comparable cost to sending the defective terminal in to be repaired.

We kindly ask you to be aware of the following final order/delivery dates, noting these are Thrane & Thrane dates so due notice to AST for last minute orders should be allowed:

  • Last order date: July 28th 2011 - or as long as available in stock
  • Last delivery date: September 30th 2011 - or as long as available in stock

This brings us to the next Generation of systems which will be in line with the SAILOR 6000 GMDSS series, the new generation SAILOR mini-C systems will hit the marketplace with new names and designations.

New System Replacing Legacy
SAILOR 6110 mini-C GMDSS (available now) SAILOR TT-3000EB
SAILOR 6140 mini-C Maritime SAILOR TT-3026 M/S
SAILOR 6150 mini-C Distress SAILOR TT-3026 D


The new systems will retain all key functionality of the legacy systems thereby ensuring ease of migration. The hardware will naturally be variants of the base Mini-C terminal introduced as the SAILOR 6110 mini-C GMDSS, complete with its CAN-BUS NMEA2K interface. Detailed sales and technical information on the various new systems will be available from the AST Extranet in due course.

Price and availability:
The new systems are available for order now with delivery to AST set to commence in the first half of July 2011. Prices will remain virtually unchanged compared to the legacy mini-C systems. 

Service and support:
The new Thrane & Thrane SAILOR mini-C variants are of course relevant to Thrane & Thrane's usual service and support offering, enabling end-users to have issues addressed quickly and easily, wherever they are in the world. The products are built to the expected SAILOR high standards though, with reliability and ruggedness making them fit for the maritime environment.

With the introduction of the remaining part of the new Mini-C program, the migration to 2nd Generation SAILOR Mini-C is nearing its completion.This new range will carry the SAILOR Mini-C into the future with new functionality whille at the same time building on the legendary ruggedness and reliability the world mariners, fishermen and yachtsmen have come to expect from a Thrane & Thrane SAILOR product.

For further information please contact your AST Account Manager.

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