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Mongol Derby 2014

On 6th August 2014, 48 international riders, mounted on semi-wild native horses, began their adventure, navigating between a series of horse stations 40kms apart where they change to fresh horses and eat and rest with local herding families, or camp under the stars.

The remoteness of the location, with virtually no cellular coverage, and the sophistication of the back-up system, with veterinary and medical support required all the way up the course places a huge premium on reliable satellite communication.

AST Systems is proud to be supplying the satellite communications for the Mongol Derby, which includes 6 Iridium 9555s and 9575s, as well as 2 EXPLORER 500 terminals plus airtime. The hardware and airtime provided is required to not only share photos and blog posts of their journey, but to allow communication between the riders, race crew and medical teams.

If you’d like further information on the Mongol Derby or would like to track the progress of the riders, visit


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