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SAILOR 6249 VHF Survival Craft Product Launch

AST are pleased to announce the latest product launch from Thrane & Thrane; the new SAILOR 6249 VHF Survival Craft.

The new VHF is specifically designed for fixed installations in survival crafts. It is Wheelmark (MED-B) approved and complies with the ETSI EN 301 466, allowing it to be installed as a fixed mounted VHF in a survival craft.

The ETSI EN 301 466 is the:
"Electromagnetic compatibility and Radio spectrum Matters (ERM); Technical characteristics and methods of measurement of two-way VHF radiotelephone apparatus for fixed installation in survival craft."

In order to achieve this rating the SAILOR 6249 VHF Survival Craft has passed an extreme series of testing, proving its resistance to fluctuating temperature, shock, water and oil among other environmental challenges. By passing this testing the SAILOR 6249 VHF Survival Craft is today, officially, the toughest VHF ever produced in the SAILOR brand.

The 6249 VHF is primarily designed for fixed mounting in any survival craft encompassed by the GMDSS regulations, such as:
  • Survival crafts aboard general cargo ships, davit type/freefall type
  • Survival crafts aboard ferries/cruise vessels
  • Survival crafts aboard oil-rigs/platforms
  • MOB (Man Over Board) aboard any vessel
  • Specialised survival crafts
In addition to being the ultimate 'survival craft' VHF, the new SAILOR VHF offers a wide range of unique features, which will position it as the most competitive product in the market:
  • Designed for the harsh environment at sea and waterproofed to IPx6 and IPx8 rating, making it possible to install in open boats without any modifications
  • It has the famous SAILOR Replay function included as standard
  • It also includes the International Safety Channel tables required for survival craft use as standard
  • It has a unique man-machine-interface with a graphical display and the option of red backlight to protect night vision
  • Built-in high quality 6W loudspeaker
  • Straightforward service interface: LAN port connected to PC using a Firefox browser

Price and availability
The SAILOR 6249 VHF Survival Craft is available for pre-order from AST today and Thrane & Thrane have scheduled first deliveries from end September. We would appreciate if you could register any early interest so that we may plan required stock levels. Product particulars are as follows:
Item Description MSRP
406249A-00500 SAILOR 6249 VHF Survival Craft 1299.00 EUR

Please contact your AST Account Manager for further information and your dealer discount or complete product price list.
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