Expedition to Guyana - October 2010

AST Systems provided equipment to John Blashford-Snell and a team of 12 from the Scientific Exploration Society who visited Guyana in October 2010 to help deliver community aid to the Wai Wai tribe. The equipment included a Thrane & Thrane BGAN EXPLORER 100 satellite communication terminal (since replaced by the Explorer 300), 2 x Iridium Satellite Handsets as well as accessories which allowed the team to report back their findings and also maintain contact.

“We were very grateful to AST Systems for supporting the Guyana Expedition with valuable loaned and donated equipment, and specialist advice which enabled us to use satellite communication effectively in the field. This was vital to the success of the project in this remote area. AST provided us with spare batteries, connector leads, free loan of a BGAN terminal and Iridium handsets and accessories, as well as a brand new donated solar panel which provided renewable power; combined with a competitive airtime rate and expert advice. AST's support was very greatly appreciated by the team.” commented the Society

Colonel John Blashford-Snell first visited the Wai Wai tribe in 1996 when he was asked if he could bring a group of dentists and doctors to assist the remote community of hunters and farmers. The Wai Wai, known as “Children of the Forest” inhabit the tropical rain forest deep in the Guyana interior with very little connection to the surrounding area, therefore reliable communications for the team of volunteers are essential.

The expedition began on the 1st October 2010, for further information please visit http://www.ses-explore.org/news_detail.php?article=117