AST VSAT Trial aboard the Vigilant

Applied Satellite Technology (AST) have conducted VSAT trials onboard the Vigilant, a vessel belonging to Gardline. 

Technical Engineers from AST installed a 4006RZ Sea Tel Cobham stabilised VSAT antenna onboard the Vigilant, which is used for marine geophysical and hydrographic survey work.

The Vigilant has an existing VSAT system installed onboard which failed on a number of occasions during the AST trial period of the new Sea Tel Cobham antenna. The crew onboard were able to utilise the system that AST had installed and commented the connection and upload times were faster than the existing system. The 4006RZ VSAT enabled the crew to make and receive phone calls to the land based office and also their families. AST also provided the Vigilant crew with a laptop to allow them to use the VSAT system to connect to the internet for web browsing and to transfer data and files using the Eutelsat network.

During the trial period AST monitored the VSAT on-board system, satellite service uptime and bandwidth usage. The results from the trial will be used to help AST with future VSAT installs, and enable the AST Marine sales team a better understanding of how the system integrates with the everyday needs of a crew. 




Now the VSAT trials on board the Vigilant are complete, AST with Eutelsat (who provided support durring the trial) have standardised their approach to the Marine Satellite Communications market. The Sea Tel Cobham antennas can be combined with an AST independent remote diagnostic and auto-switchover solution which is part of a portfolio of products and services known as “ASTBroadband”.   This service, monitored remotely by AST, reduces downtime for operations and can avoid costly service visits.


About the4006RZSea Tel Cobham Stabilised VSAT Antenna

The 06 VSAT series from Sea Tel Cobham is a cost effective, always on, broadband satellite communication system. These systems are reliable and provide outstanding service to meet the variety of client applications from internet connectivity, VoIP calls, VPN, Video Conferencing to any other suitable IP connectivity. AST have teamed up with key Satellite Service Providers to provide broadband VSAT coverage around globe with data range up to 512k outbound from the vessel and 2Mb inbound to the vessel with various contention ratios to suit client application.

Add on application such as VoIP (up to 12 calls at any one time), Internet and data connectivity are provided as part of the service package.


About Eutelsat

Eutelsat Communications is the leading European satellite operator and one of the three top operators in the world for the supply of fixed satellite services. Eutelsat, alongside SpeedCast   provide a maritime broadband communications service. Serving key shipping routes, the service uses Ku-band satellite capacity. The system provides automatic switching from one satellite coverage beam to another with no manual intervention. 




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