UK Fisheries Department

Following an EU Open procurement exercise Applied Satellite Technology Limited has been awarded a major contract by the Fisheries Departments in the UK, comprising England, Scotland, Northern Ireland & the Isle of Man fisheries authorities, to fit and maintain satellite GPS tracking devices on the UK`s over 15 metre fishing fleet.

All UK fishing vessels which measure 15m or over in overall length and who are involved in the exploitation of sea fisheries are required to be fitted with a UK Government approved satellite tracking device.

The core satellite tracking device, known as a Mini-C, is manufactured by Thrane & Thrane in Denmark and utilises the Inmarsat satellite network.

For further information on the services Applied Satellite Technology can provide in this field please contact their specialised division, AST Marine Sciences Ltd, on +44 (0)1493 440 011.

For further information of how to apply for a UK Government Approved Satellite Tracking Device please contact the Marine Fisheries Agency.