BGAN EXPLORER 710: Satellite Broadband

The Cobham SATCOM (formerly Thrane & Thrane) EXPLORER 710 is part of a new era of high speed, ultra portable satellite streaming for broadcasting and other IP based industry applications

The terminal provides streaming rates over 650 kbps out of the box, when using the high data rate (HDR) streaming service from Inmarsat.

EXPLORER 710 also introduces Smart Phone Apps to the world of BGAN, enabling users to connect their own devices for voice calling and connectivity.  Other features includes a USB host interface, hot-swappable batteries, an easy-to-use LED display and multiple interfaces to support a wide range of applications.

Double the speed with plug and play bonding - simply connect two EXPLORER 710 terminals with an ethernet cable and achieve streaming rates over 1 Mbps.

The BGAN EXPLORER 710 utilises the Inmarsat satellite network.

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Key Specifications
Dimensions: 332 x 279 x 54 mm
Weight: 3.2 kg (inc battery)
Input Voltage: 100-240VAC, 47-63Hz
Standby Time: 36 hours
Talk Time:
Data Speed: Standard IP 32, 64,128 and 256 kbps
Streaming IP up to 650 kbps
Network: Inmarsat
Operating Temp: -25 to +55 °C
Interfaces: 1 x Analogue RJ-11
2 x LAN (RJ45)
1 x USB host
1 x ISDN (RJ-45)
IP Rating: Transceiver IP52 / Antenna IP66
Battery Type: Lithium ion
Key Features
Voice: yes
Data: yes
SMS: yes
E-Mail: yes
Dual Mode: no
Call Forwarding: no
Call Waiting: no
Broadband: yes
Streaming IP: yes
Integral Phonebook: no
Tracking: no
ISDN Capability: yes
Radio - VHF: no
Radio - MFHF: no
Radio - Portable
Car kit: no
Spare battery: no
Car charger: no
Mains charger: no
External Antenna: no
Carry case: no
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