EXPLORER 3075GX: Manual Fly-Away Antenna for Inmarsat Global Xpress

Cobham EXPLORER 3075GX manual point Fly-Away system is lightweight, rugged and portable. The terminal includes a fully integrated iDirect Core Module and is configured specifically for operation on the Inmarsat Global Xpress® (GX) Ka-band network. Its user friendly design allows operators with little satellite experience to access GX services within minutes. EXPLORER 3075GX comes in two hard cases both below 23kg and is thereby easy airline checkable.

The EXPLORER 3075GX system includes a separate GX base and stands apart from other GX antennas as it offers the possibility of switching between ka-band networks. By simply swapping the RF feed assembly and the modem, EXPLORER 3075GX can switch between Inmarsat’s GX services and Eutelsat KA-SAT services. The tripod, the manual panning head and the reflector panels are shared components.

Key Features:
  • Easy to set up and use
  • 4-Piece 0.75 m Carbon Fiber Reflector
  • IPX5-compliant Baseband Packaging
  • WLAN Access Point and LAN interface
  • LCD Display and Web-Based User Interface
  • 2 Case Solution, Airline Checkable
  • Modular design - switch feed assembly and modem to access EutelSat KA-SAT
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Key Specifications
Dimensions: 0.75 m
Weight: 21.5 Kg / 47.5 Ibs
Input Voltage: 90-260 VAC
Standby Time:
Talk Time:
Data Speed:
Network: Inmarsat
Operating Temp: -25°C to +55°C
IP Rating:
Battery Type:
Key Features
Voice: yes
Data: yes
SMS: no
E-Mail: yes
Dual Mode: no
Call Forwarding: no
Call Waiting: no
Broadband: yes
Streaming IP: no
Integral Phonebook: no
Tracking: no
ISDN Capability: no
Radio - VHF: n/a
Radio - MFHF: n/a
Radio - Portable
Car kit: n/a
Spare battery: n/a
Car charger: n/a
Mains charger: n/a
External Antenna: n/a
Carry case: yes
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