Intellian v100GX: Stabilised Ku-to-Ka Band Convertible

The v100GX is a 1 meter Ku-band to Ka-band convertible maritime stabilised antenna, a ready-to-use system for the super-fast, Global Xpress (GX) Ka-band broadband service from Inmarsat.

The v100GX increases your return on investment with its plug and play conversion kit to enable a smooth upgrade path from Ku-band to the GX service without replacing the reflector or the radome.

The precision molded carbon fiber reflector and frequency tuned radome are each optimised to deliver superior RF performance in both Ku and Ka- band. The smart design of the convertible RF package means the system can be upgraded from Ku-band to GX in 10 minutes, without requiring a specialised service engineer.

Key Features:
  • Simple 4-Step Conversion from Ku to Ka-band conversion in under 10 minutes
  • Precision Carbon Fiber reflector delivers optimal performance in Ka-band
  • Gyro-Free Satellite Search Capability without input from a ships compass
  • Dual VSAT Mediator integrates two VSAT antennas to combat onboard blockage zones
  • Remote management and control using the Aptus platform, with direct Wi-Fi connection
  • Patented Intellian Global PLL LNB
  • Open Platform system architecture works with all leading airtime service providers
  • 3-axis stabilized antenna platform with unlimited azimuth
Intellian v100GX is part of ASTs VSAT solution. and utilises the Inmarsat Global Xpress satellite network.

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Key Specifications
Dimensions: 103 cm
Weight: 128 Kg
Input Voltage: 100-240V AC
Standby Time:
Talk Time:
Data Speed:
Network: Inmarsat
Operating Temp:
Interfaces: Ethernet Port
I/O ports
IP Rating:
Battery Type:
Key Features
Voice: yes
Data: yes
SMS: no
E-Mail: yes
Dual Mode: no
Call Forwarding: no
Call Waiting: no
Broadband: yes
Streaming IP: no
Integral Phonebook: no
Tracking: no
ISDN Capability: no
Radio - VHF: n/a
Radio - MFHF: n/a
Radio - Portable
Car kit: no
Spare battery: no
Car charger: no
Mains charger: no
External Antenna: no
Carry case: no
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