Iridium 9555: Satellite Phone

The Iridium 9555 satellite phone is the smallest and most powerful handset Iridium have ever made, and is designed to easily go wherever you do.

The Iridium 9555 satellite phone incorporates innovations such as an integrated speakerphone, improved SMS and email messaging capabilities, and an upgraded Mini-USB data port.  It continues the evolution of satellite phones making communication more efficient and effective for users.

The 9555 satellite phone utilises the Iridium satellite network.

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Key Specifications
Dimensions: 14.3 x 5.5 x 3 cm
Weight: 266g
Input Voltage:
Standby Time: 30 hours
Talk Time: up to 4 hours
Data Speed:
Network: Iridium
Operating Temp:
IP Rating:
Battery Type:
Key Features
Voice: yes
Data: yes
SMS: yes
E-Mail: yes
Dual Mode: n/a
Call Forwarding: yes
Call Waiting: yes
Broadband: no
Streaming IP: n/a
Integral Phonebook: yes
Tracking: n/a
ISDN Capability: n/a
Radio - VHF: n/a
Radio - MFHF: n/a
Radio - Portable
Car kit: n/a
Spare battery: yes
Car charger: n/a
Mains charger: yes
External Antenna: n/a
Carry case: n/a
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User comments

AST has helped support me over the years and pioneer how expeditions can be used to help inspire children to follow their own aspirations in life. It has been a pleasure to work with AST over the past 8 years and keep me in touch with schools to help share my experiences away. AST'S support has been a corner stone in my work and help keep me in touch with the world, whilst exploring remote locations. With a Iridium phone and its wifi accessories its now possible to send and receive emails from the ends of the earth. I continue to be amazed by Iridum products and services and can't wait to see how we'll be communicating from expeditions in the future.

Posted by: Anthony Jinman @ 19/06/2014 08:30:18