Quake Q-Pro: Satellite Data Modem

The Q-Pro is a small, rugged, environmentally-sealed module with numerous customisation options including network access, inputs/outputs, memory and an application programming interface (API).  The Q-Pro delivers reliable one or two-way data communications through the Iridium and/or Globalstar constellations of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, as well as through terrestrial GSM networks.  For location and navigational applications, the Q-Pro is equipped with an advanced 22-channel GPS system. 

The Q-Pro provides economical two-way machine-to-machine (M2M) and business to business internet communications with land, marine or aviation based assets and equipment anywhere in the world.   The Q-Pro can cost-effectively retrieve data automatically from isolated power substations or remote metering facilities such as oil and gas supply stations.  Mobile assets such as trucks, ships and containers can also be more effectively monitored and managed.   Designed for multiple applications, the Q-Pro is a flexible solution that can be utilised by both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and low-volume users.   This self-contained solution is also a great option for any developer that is facing an accelerated time-to-market requirement.

Developers kits can also be provided.

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Key Specifications
Dimensions: 11.9 x 11.9 x 5.8
Weight: 0.39
Input Voltage: 3-32 vDC
Standby Time:
Talk Time:
Data Speed:
Network: Iridium
Operating Temp: -40 to +85
IP Rating: IP67 & J1455
Battery Type:
Key Features
Voice: no
Data: yes
SMS: no
E-Mail: no
Dual Mode: yes
Call Forwarding: no
Call Waiting: no
Broadband: no
Streaming IP: no
Integral Phonebook: no
Tracking: yes
ISDN Capability: no
Radio - VHF: n/a
Radio - MFHF: n/a
Radio - Portable
Car kit: no
Spare battery: no
Car charger: no
Mains charger: no
External Antenna: no
Carry case: no
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