Wideye Safari: Land Vehicular BGAN Satellite Broadband

Wideye Safari has one of the smallest land vehicular BGAN antennas in the market.  The complete system consists of three fully integrated units; IP44 rated Transceiver Unit with built-in Wi-Fi, IP66 rated handset and IP56 rated antenna unit.

The Safari Land Vehicular BGAN Terminal offers the user standard voice (4kbps AMBE+2), optional 3.1 Khz high quality voice/fax, high speed streaming and standard IP data service for various applications, including internet browsing, e-mail and file transfer functions.

The Safari terminal allows simultaneous use of all services including voice/fax, data and SMS.  Physical interfaces include2 x RJ-11 for voice and fax, 2 x RJ45 for Ethernet LAN connections, a RS232 port for GPS output in standard NMEA 0183 format, which allows for tracking and monitoring required in fleet management applications and 4 x GPIOs for external control or indications.    

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Key Specifications
Dimensions: Transceiver Unit 34x25x62 | Antenna Unit 25x11.9
Weight: 3.5 (w/o antenna)
Input Voltage: +10.8V -32 vDC
Standby Time:
Talk Time:
Data Speed: Up to 448/464kbps (send & receive)
32, 64 or 128kbps (send and receive)
Network: Inmarsat
Operating Temp: -25 to +55
Interfaces: 2 x RJ-45 Ethernet ports
GPS output
WLAN 802.11b/g built-in
Standard phone port - suitable for fax & phone
IP Rating: Transceiver IP44 | Antrnna IP56 | Handset IP66
Battery Type:
Key Features
Voice: yes
Data: yes
SMS: yes
E-Mail: yes
Dual Mode: n/a
Call Forwarding: yes
Call Waiting: yes
Broadband: yes
Streaming IP: yes
Integral Phonebook: yes
Tracking: yes
ISDN Capability: no
Radio - VHF: n/a
Radio - MFHF: n/a
Radio - Portable
Car kit: n/a
Spare battery: no
Car charger: yes
Mains charger: no
External Antenna: yes
Carry case: n/a
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