ASTLive Brochure

ASTLive!™ is a collective term for the value added airtime services & solutions provided by AST.

This suite of capabilities has been designed specifically to enhance AST’s existing airtime offerings & to present customers with an enhanced user experience across all AST’s IP satellite services.
ASTLive! supports:
  • Inmarsat BGAN & FleetBroadband
  • Iridium OpenPort
  • Thuraya IP & Marine IP
  • VSAT
AST understands the real world challenges faced by users needing to communicate in remote environments. Issues such as cost management are common through all market sectors from land to marine, media through to global commercial shipping.

AST supplies a wide range of bespoke satellite solutions including; media applications, compressed e-mail services, crew welfare, secure messaging/conferencing, tracking & electronic logbook.

An extensive range of industry standard IP based applications are also available.

ASTLive! offers:
  • Streambox Live (pay as you go live media streaming)
  • onsatmail (optimised, compressed e-mail)
  • Tracking (vehicular, vessel, asset) & Vessel Monitoring Services (VMS, e-Log, v-Log)
  • Crew welfare (voice, data packages)
  • On-board services management (traffic filtering, firewalling, least cost routing)
  • DigiGone (secure messaging & conferencing)

The full ASTLive! Brochure can be downloaded under the ‘Documents’ section.

To request a hard copy of this brochure or for further information please contact us
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